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About Globetronics - Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

On the Corporate Governance front, we continued to achieve full compliances with various statutory requirements i.e.: Bursa Malaysia, Securities Commission, Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), Inland Revenue Board (IRB) and Malaysian Accounting Standards Board (MASB). Similar achievements had been made in the continuous audit and review of our various subsidiary companies during the year. We also gained good traction on the CSR front with numerous programs that included a significant contribution to the Penang State Government’s initiative to set up the Tech-Dome, establishing new partnership with Penang Down Syndrome Association, participating & donating to Life Saving Society Malaysia and continuing with our scholarship program in support of needy students --- on top of a myriad of active participations in seminars & workshops organized by the media, the academia as well as various government and quasigovernment organizations.

Other business sustainability initiatives successfully launched included the installation of various new energy efficient equipments and other energy savings projects, etc. We also continued to step up our focus in upgrading and enhancing healthcare, safety and environmental sustainability programs for our people and community with encouraging results to show throughout FY2015.