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About Globetronics - Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

The states of the global environment today tells us that something is not right with the way businesses are conducting their day to day operations. On the local front alone, we can see many issues that could impact our way of living not only today but in the not too distant future as well. News such as floods, polluted rivers, unbreathable air from haze are all symptoms of businesses not practicing sustainable business practices, with a focus only on short term profits.

Globetronics is looking to play our part in making sustainability a part of our business strategies and decisions goingforward. While we already have in place certain elements that form part of the materiality matters, we would officiallybe adopting sustainability reporting into our annual report next year. The areas listed are issues which we feel are mostimpactful to the sustainability pillars of economic, environment and society.

Employee Health and Safety

We strongly believe that human capital is the most important value to an organization. To ensure a safe and healthy working condition for our employees and support workers, the Group has developed guidelines to safeguard employees in all of its business operations. Environmental, Health and Safety (“EHS”) Committee within the Groupensure that health and safety policies are effectively implemented and continuously improved. Our EHS managementsystem are reviewed against international best practices and updated from time to time.

To safeguard employees and instill the values and knowledge essential to a safe and healthy workplace, we continuously undertake first aid training, health talks, fire drills and plant evacuation exercises. At the Group’s manufacturing locations, we have continued to ensure that equipment and building systems are functioning properly and are well maintained.

Environmental Management

At the Group’s various plants, we ensure strict compliance with the environmental laws governing plant operations and maintenance in areas relating to environmental standards, emission standards, noise level management and treatment of plant effluents and waste water. As part of our corporate responsibility agenda, we have measures in place to minimize the adverse impact on the environment and to achieve continuous improvement of our plants/ factories’ environmental performance. In line with this, we have implemented the Intelligent Flow Controller (IFC) to the air compressor systems of our subsidiaries and are on track with our 2 year program to upgrade a majority of our current facilities equipment for all our subsidiaries to be benchmarked to the government’s standard of Energy Efficiency. Currently, all our Penang manufacturing factories are certified to the international environmental management systems standard, ISO 14001.

Human Capital Development

One of our key corporate responsibility initiatives is the development of human capital as our employees are our greatest asset. The development is achieved through the implementation of various initiatives such as in-house cross training and employees’ productivity improvement, building university relationships and encouraging workplace diversity. The ultimate aim of these objectives is the unity of all employees in striving for a common objective i.e. the success of the Group in terms of economic, social and environmental development. Our employee evaluation criteria have also been revamped over the years and we have put in place comprehensive evaluation systems that not only measure the hard skills but also the soft skills of employees like relationship building and charisma, to build them to be highly marketable in any industry.

Employee Welfare

Fostering better ties with our employees and improving their quality of life are areas that have continuously been given importance in the Group’s corporate responsibility initiatives. Activities carried out include medical health screening and awareness programmes and recognition of long service. We continue to promote healthy lifestyles and team cohesiveness by sponsoring free courts and consumables for our employees to participate in sporting activities, and have hired professional instructors to conduct exercise lessons for our employees after office hours as well. In terms of working flexibility, we have introduced time off programs for employees who have to put in overtime during the periods when there are urgent requests by customers.

Workplace Diversity

The Group acknowledges the importance of workplace diversity and had always been in support of a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, race and religion. The Group encourages a dynamic and diverse composition by nurturing / grooming potential and suitable candidates equipped with the competency, skills, experience, character, integrity and other qualities in meeting the future needs of the Group.


As a home grown Malaysian company, we are aware of how important it is to build up the local community and to provide opportunities for the upcoming generation to succeed. The focus of our community projects have been targeted to this segment and we have been increasing our allocation for the past 2 years to reflect our commitment in this area.

During our Employee Day in April 2016, we held one of the biggest events in our company’s history to show appreciation for all our dedicated employees and to celebrate our 25th anniversary in existence for the Globetronics Group of Companies. Concurrently, we had also embarked on the largest social giving on this event by giving away a total of RM150,000 to various local organizations which include :

  1. Penang Down Syndrome Association – RM15,000
  2. Penang Shan Children’s Home – RM15,000
  3. The Children’s Protection Society – RM15,000
  4. Sima Handicapped Centre – RM15,000
  5. Pertubuhan Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya Pulau Pinang – RM15,000
  6. Life Saving Society Malaysia – RM15,000
  7. Penang Science Cluster – RM15,000
  8. Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) – RM15,000
  9. Lim Wei Chian (Scholarship) – RM30,000


Two of the organizations we are supporting play an important role to help the less privileged children in society. Giving hope and help to the next generation whom are often neglected we believe, is one of the ways to build up the pillars of society.

To further encourage the rise of local talent in fulfilling the industry needs, we continue with the sponsorship of ourscholarship program to help eligible local students to further their tertiary education. The current year saw the sponsorof a eligible student who happened to also be the son of one of our employees, and we are proud to play a part inestablishing a multi-generation link in our workplace.

The other area of contribution by our Group mainly initiated by our CEO, would be in the area of corporate social works such as:-

  1. Supporting our Government agencies in promoting foreign investments into Malaysia;
  2. Assisting and sponsoring local, small and medium industries along technologies growth; and
  3. Promoting entrepreneurship within the Malaysia business circles by sharing our success stories in technology conferences or discussions.

Overall, we aim to bring a holistic approach in supporting our local community from the contributions to various local societal organizations, academia and even the police force to make the community we operate in a better place.

Local Supply Chain

Being a niche player in the technology space and as part of the global supply chain, we understand that Malaysia has its own competitive advantage with its diverse range of technology companies providing complimentary services to big global customers. As these MNC customers have been in operation for many decades, they also have established systems, processes and suppliers whom they work with.

For our part, where possible, we are trying to localize some of the procurement sources. The key area where we have made inroads so far are in sourcing Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) and automation machines from local Malaysian companies when we automate our current production processes or set up new manufacturing lines. While the reputation of these companies are still not as established as their foreign counterparts, we have worked with them through collaboration and customization to come up with equivalent quality machines that we have since installed in our lines. To date, the amount of equipment / machines we have sourced from these local suppliers are as follows :

Year Activities Company Amount (RM)
Purchase of Auto Optical
Inspection (AOI) machines
TT Vision Technologies Sdn Bhd 1 million
2015 Automation of production line Vesytec Sdn Bhd 1.4 million
2015 Upgrade of AOI machine TT Vision Technologies Sdn Bhd 0.1 million
2016 Upgrade of AOI machine TT Vision Technologies Sdn Bhd 0.1 million
2017 (up till March 2017) Purchase of new AOI machines (new products) Micro Modular System Sdn Bhd 7.1 million